Silent Oil Lubrication Air      Compressor

Silent Oil-free Air Compressor

Silent Oil-free Air Compressor


1. Features

Unique low noise and oil-free design to create quiet and pollution-free working environment.
Clear control panel and operate easily.
Adopt chest design with elegance and reliable operation.
Outboard air tanks are available for various types and Stainless steel material.
Provided with high performance silencer.
Distinguished long life & easy to maintain.
Cooling method is forced fan
Applications : Medical, Dental & E.N.T. Equipment.
     GSOC-135C / 270C / 400C  Oxygen concentrator, Semi conductor processing, Chip mounter, Packing machine,      Food processor, Environmental equipment, Laser & Plasma cutting machine, Scientific research institution etc.


GSOC-135C / 270C / 400C


2. Specifications



Oilless / Oil-free type

Max. Pressure

8 bar

Auto pressure range

8bar OFF 8bar OFF 8bar OFF 8bar OFF 8bar OFF
5bar ON 6bar ON 6bar ON 6bar ON 6bar ON

Air flow (L/min)

95 L/min. 135 L/min. 135 L/min. 270 L/min. 400 L/min.

Motor (HP)

3/4 HP 1 HP 1 HP 1 HP x 2 1 HP x 3

Air Tank (L)

6 L 6 L 24 L 30 L 50 L

Tank Material

50dB 이하 50dB 이하 50dB 이하 50dB 이하 55dB 이하

Noise (dB)

110/220V, 50/60Hz


33x37x30 33x37x30 50x50x70 50x50x70 60x55x70

Weight (kg)

15 kg 17 kg 35 kg 47 kg 68 kg

Optional Accessories

1)99.9% Moisture filter  
2)Air gun & Air hose